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Port Winona: The Place You Need to Be

I recently discovered a brand new market down in the Village Of Winona (Winona Lake, Indiana). Port Winona has a nautical vintage vibe and is a relaxing and exciting place to be.

Port Winona infuses Wine and a Market that features fresh produce from the local farms such as Hawkins Family Farm and imported European cheeses. Located in the heart of The Village, this space conveniently offers a market for boaters to come get their drinks and ice for their perfect day on the lake. This quaint little villa cannot become any fancier.

Upon seeing the name on the beautiful sign out front, The Iconic Winona Queen from the year 1902 came to mind. And I think it’s her spirit that not only embodies this town, but the village, shops and the dreams their owners envision and create.

As I walked up the newly painted steps, I was delighted as I felt I was going on a nautical adventure. With the front of the Shoppe decked out in the boldest navy blue and radiant white, and the local customers having wine on the patio set, I felt relaxed and in a lakeshore dream.

You have much to gain from visiting this place. They have a side modern room for dining in, or you can use their ingenious catering service that literally serves your specific needs. Order what you want and they prepare it for you. Their selections are high quality but for retail price. 

You may also book for party events, attend a wine tasting class, or even enjoy their Sunday brunches. If you enjoy haveing a drink with your meal or actually flavoring your dinners with light or rich wines, you would love the Wine of the Month Club and or their selection of beers. 

While Port Winona remains the go to hot spot, it’s a perfect place to sit down and relax and enjoy the summer breeze. 

I met with local owner Tiffany Aites. She created a masterpiece fit to perfection in this little vacation destination village known as Winona Lake.

When I asked Tiffany what she loved most about this town and community, her response was, “It’s to chat with the locals-and everyone knows everyone!

And I was met with the exact same sense as I went through and got to known a couple of the other owners. The people in this community are close –knit yet very inviting to tourists.

Tiffany and I also sat and chatted about how her vision and dream got started. She passionately described how it became an idea to a physical location practically overnight! Her boyfriend Jim Zachary supported and followed that dream as well. Together, they decided on the name Port Winona, and it became a perfect canvas for what this market would be. She described how Port is a obviously a wine and but that it is also a harbor that safely protects ships during storms. Winona, the town named after her Lake, has a spirit all of her own-a vintage yet vibrant soul. And that is what Tiffany and Jim have recreated in their Market. 

This Inspiring coupes personally recommend their Delas Chateaunuef – Du-Pape (Rhône, France 2015 $15) paired with an in house made gluten free strawberry shortcake.

The wine- is feminine and delicate and has a lot of layers. You can’t find it anywhere else in town. 

The strawberries for the shortcake are cooked in a rose’ wine and is very light, fresh and summery. 

Treat yourself with a relaxing afternoon or cool morning break at Port Winona- Wine & Market. They have so much to offer you! 

Im always looking for new ingredients when I’m cooking, and I look forward to trying out these new cheeses and local produce in my cooking! 


2 thoughts on “Port Winona: The Place You Need to Be

  1. Where in the world is the Village of Winona? The place looks lovely.😊

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